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Brexit: Steve Baker sorry over behaviour towards Ireland during talks

“That combination of humility and resolve and that willingness to build up relations and say actually, yes, we do want to be Ireland’s closest friends and partners, as we all respect all three strands of the Belfast/GFA – that really… Continua a leggere →

Tory conference: Michael Gove hints he will vote against Liz Truss’s tax plan

The veteran minister, who was levelling up secretary for former PM Boris Johnson, welcomed the prime minister’s acknowledgement that she had made mistakes in communicating her economic measures – but he was also critical of the substance of her policies.

Ukraine war: Putin’s annexation will fail, say Ukrainians at eastern front

“My brother died,” he tells me, adding: “But I don’t know where and when that happened, because he was drafted by a different drafting office from a different region. He died as well as a few of my comrades, officers… Continua a leggere →

Badger breaks into Essex family’s home during the night

A family said they were amazed after a badger repeatedly broke into their home in search of food. Greg Dow assumed a fox was to blame for knocking over a bin several times and messing up their kitchen in Southend,… Continua a leggere →

Bruce Willis denies selling rights to his face

AI replacement appears to be a growing trend. Darth Vader actor James Earl Jones has recently retired from playing the famous character, but his voice has carried on. Respeecher, another AI firm, has reportedly used archival materials and a proprietary… Continua a leggere →

Gabriels: From ‘harrowing’ American Idol to 2022’s most talked-about band

In the ensuing flurry of activity, songs were pulled apart, reconfigured and reworked. The result is Angels and Queens Part One, a stunning mix of haunted gospel, stuttering electronics and timeless melodies. It’s as if Marvin Gaye made a record… Continua a leggere →

Brazil polarised as Bolsonaro seeks re-election and Lula aims for comeback

At 46, she has not given up on her dream of becoming a vet. But, as an evangelical Christian, she is also concerned about rumours she has heard that a Lula government could rein in the growing power of evangelical… Continua a leggere →

Newspaper headlines: ‘Voters abandon Tories’ as PM defends strategy

Image caption, The Sunday Mirror reports on British aid worker Paul Urey, who died after being captured in the Ukraine war. He sent a message to his daughters, which was delivered by Dylan Healy, who was also detained by pro-Russian… Continua a leggere →

Singapore Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes team fined £22,000 over nose stud

The Singapore Grand Prix is live on BBC Radio 5 Live and the BBC Sport website Lewis Hamilton has dismissed the ongoing controversy about his wearing a nose stud in his Formula 1 car as “all a bit silly” after… Continua a leggere →

Ireland’s Future: Leo Varadkar and Jimmy Nesbitt speak at united Ireland event

“I prefer something like a new union of Ireland where people from the north, particularly those from my tradition, would feel that they have their identity, that it is in no way threatened, that they have an equal voice, that… Continua a leggere →

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